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Got a great idea for a cake? Need a cake or some cupcakes for an upcoming event? Fill in the form below and let me know what you’d like, and I’ll be in touch. Be it cakes, cupcakes, combinations of both and different flavours, I can create something to suit!

Please bear in mind that the minimum number of portions that can be ordered in a cake is about 20. Sugarpaste covered cakes are firmer recipes than a sponge dessert cake, this is to hold the heavy icing and keep the shape, so these cakes are best cut in straight slices and divided into 1 to 2 inch sections (similar to a wedding cake). Cutting like this makes them easier to serve as finger food in small neat slices. Cakes to serve 1-20 people cannot be made much smaller, they require the same work and expertise, so cakes for very small numbers will not automatically be cheaper.

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