Grace Daniels – Cake ArtistGrace Daniels

Grace Daniels Cakes is the result of a combination of things – my love of all things tasty, my mother’s fantastic skills in the kitchen, and a year spent in Toronto, Canada, where I fell in love with cupcakes. My mother is a fantastic baker and cook and hobbyist cakemaker, having worked in her parent’s hotel and restaurant, which was my great grandmother’s B&B for many years prior to that.

As a teenager I was always watching my mother make cakes (and eating the scraps), helping with ideas, and being brought in as reinforcements when cake deadlines were looming, making flowers, leaves, frills, babies, and icing lots of pretty rosettes. Then whilst on a working visa in Canada my friend Karthiga introduced me to cupcakes, those lovely little pillows of spongey goodness, topped with some buttery icing, delish!
When I left Karthi gave me a cupcake recipe book as a parting gift. As soon as I got home I set about making some in my mother’s kitchen. They were gorgeous, looked gorgeous, tasted it too. Facing into the big fat recession and the chances of employment being slim, the idea of a little cupcake making business was born. I then made my first cake in February 2010 (my own birthday cake) as a trial run in case anybody asked me to make a cake along with cupcakes, I loved it. I was recently unemployed so threw myself into it full force, trying my hand at very challenging cakes to see what I could do, and so within a few months I had a budding business. I was asked to design a birthday cake to be presented to X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, shortly afterwards I participated in the first Galway Vintage Fair, and it snowballed from there.

I create custom designed personalised cakes and cupcakes. My customers are free to choose the colours, flavours and designs that they want or they can give me an idea and leave it to me, either way I always do my best to deliver more than they could imagine. I absolutely love doing this, I love baking delicious goodies (family tradition at this stage), and what I love even more is decorating them. With a background in Art, Photography and Interior Design I love playing with colours, textures and designs and creating something different, exclusive, and still edible and delicious. This really applies to my cakes, I love replicating people’s personal ideas or coming up with something beautiful myself. And I don’t know what it is about them, but there is nothing as cute and sweet looking as a delicate little cupcake with a swirl of buttercream and some pretty flecks of colour, heaven!